Helping our clients succeed in challenging environments

Our firm is focused on the rapidly growing economies in the developing world. Our mission is connecting international donors, investors, and multinational companies with local partners and customers in the oil, construction, and consumer product sectors. We offer our clients a full range of business services to help identify opportunities, develop successful strategies, and operate safely and effectively. Our global network of consultants and local staff is prepared to provide turn-key business solutions in the worlds most extreme and lucrative markets.


Stratogia consultants are leading experts in doing business in Iraq and other post-conflict countries. We have unique insight into the people, opportunities, risks, and regulations that will impact your business.


Our team has implemented dozens of successful projects. We are experienced and prepared to connect you to a wide variety of opportunities and business solutions.


Stratogia will help you adapt to dynamic and unstable conditions. We will provide solutions and advice to keep you ahead of political, security, or economic issues that you are likely to face in the developing world.

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